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Traffic shouldn’t be complicated.

But in the last few years it’s become a nightmare.

Instead of an easy solution that gets you paid fast …

These days you’ve got to figure out what KIND

of traffic will work for you ...

And it’s not easy.

Too Many Choices!

Niche-Specific Traffic

… and every ‘expert’ has different advice

  • Organic for affiliate marketing
  • Video traffic for the fitness niche
  • FB but not Instagram for self-improvement

Platform-Specific Traffic

… play by the rules or pay the price

It’s great to be able to bank from multiple platforms.

But until now, you’d need to juggle multiple traffic sources just to stay compliant.

Right Now In 2021,

Traffic Is So Confusing …

It’s almost impossible for beginners & struggling marketers to get consistent results.

So we took a step back …

Stripped away ALL the BS


That’s as PROFITABLE as it is simple.

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Wow is the first word that comes to my mind - I am super impressed with this training course! 

I have had the privilege to check it out before it goes live and I feel inspired and armed with powerful knowledge on how to make extra bucks online using this simple yet effective method. 

Lukasz and Joseph went an extra mile to provide you with as much information as possible and some tools required to have success with it this training course. 

Additionally, what i really appreciate, they emphasize how taking action and doing the work will be critical for anyone wishing to see desired results.

Lukasz and Joseph are a real deal, great marketers, so you're in good hands with them!

Sylwia Gumienna


I just have been through the training for Copy-Paste-Profit and I must say this course has blown me away.

Packed with amazing content and detailed step-by-step training modules, it's very easy to understand and follow through this course and implement.

What you'll learn from this course will take your business to the next level. Highly recommend getting it.

Jay-Lee Saunders

/ IT Expert


Copy-Paste-Profit is a great course for anyone that has never done anything online. These guys teach everything very clearly and without any fluff.

By the end of the training, you will have all the needed foundations to have a successful business online as either a new or an experienced marketer.

On top of that, you are also getting additional hacks.

Shehu Abdullahi

/ Designer Maestro

This Shockingly Simple Traffic Solution
works with all methods & platforms in ANY niche!
The 3 Reasons
Traffic Today Isn’t Working For Most People
(it’s not their fault)

Of all the options out there …

99% of online traffic has problems:

  • Too Slow - costing you wasted time & money
  • Too Complicated - what’s the point if you need to take a 6 month course to figure it out?
  • Lousy results - there’s nothing worse than wasting time or money on traffic that doesn’t get you paid

Traffic should be simple, because it’s got only one job:


Here’s What
Profitable Traffic Looks Like
(see how simple)
  • Ultra Fast - Literally flip a switch to turn it on
  • Unlimited - Never run out of targeted buyers
  • Universal - One source for all your traffic needs  on any platform in any niche

This traffic ticks all the boxes … PLUS ...

It converts clicks into cash better than anything we’ve ever seen.

And It’s So Easy That
You Don’t Need
  •      To create any content
  •           Any experience
  •               Tech skills
  •                A website
  •       An autoresponder
  •   Complicated software
  • More than 10 minutes a day!
  •      To make products
  •         To pay experts

The name says it all ...

Copy Paste Profit Makes It

Point & Click Simple To Reach

Unlimited Success

  • DFY traffic-driving templates for copy - paste results
  • Complete UNIVERSAL traffic system delivers fast in any niche on any platform
  • Case studies to duplicate our success
  • Total daily income solution - perfect for beginners

Picture It

  • Generating almost effortless income daily
  • Growing lucrative email lists in any niche on autopilot
  • Never, ever, ever struggling for traffic again
  • Enjoying life-changing success from

anywhere in the world in minutes/day

Traffic’s the answer … it always has been.

We’ve cracked the code and are enjoying the results …

Now we’d like to help you do the same!

Marc Gray

Fergal Downes

Great traffic is what makes great money online.

So simple … so why do we complicate it?

We spent years jumping from one traffic gimmick to the next until we learned better.

Today, even though we’re each making 5+ figures in monthly profits …

It’s ALWAYS good to have unlimited traffic you can scale for passive income.

That’s why we got very excited when Joseph & Lucasz reached out to us.

These ambitious affiliate marketers developed
a new twist on an unlimited traffic source and the results have been mind blowing.

Simple, fast, profitable … in any niche!

Whether you’re a beginner looking for an all-in-one income system …
Or an experienced marketer like us looking
to scale ...

This is one of the easiest & fastest ways to make money online.

Welcome To ...


The all-in-one traffic source for every platform

Copy Paste Profit is a proven traffic solution for marketers in any niche on any platform. Combined with a complete daily income system, it’s the ultimate all-in-one shortcut. With Copy Paste Profit You’ll Never Worry About Traffic Again!

  • Unlimited traffic from an endless source of buyers
  • 100% beginner friendly
  • No tech skills or learning curve
  • Results in as little as 15 minutes!
  • Copy-paste DFY templates = no guessing!
  • Battle-tested daily income solution
  • Works in any niche - get paid doing what you love!

Copy Paste Profit Makes

Traffic Copy-Paste Easy

Now for the 1st time thanks to this exclusive system …

Anyone can get FLOODS of traffic anywhere they want …


  • For commissions on multiple platforms
  • To build profitable lists in any niche
  • Promote high ticket offers
  • Grow your social audiences
  • Get buyers to eCom stores

Anywhere you want traffic … you get it.

Traffic that’s making us & testers amazing profits already ...

Now it’s your turn.

Forget Wasted Time & Effort

This Is Results-Driven Traffic Made Easy

Copy Paste Profit is about getting you quality traffic as FAST as possible.

Say goodbye to the headaches & costs of juggling multiple sources.

We’ve found this one source is making us MORE money than ever before …

In half the time for a fraction of the effort!

  • REAL buyer traffic in as little as 15 minutes
  • No more painful content creation
  • No expensive copywriters to hire
  • Sky high conversions with our DFY templates
  • Newbie friendly & works in any niche
  • Easy-to-follow videos mean no more guessing - just copy us!

Copy Paste Profit Includes

Everything You Need For Success

UNIVERSAL Traffic System

Easily send floods of buyers & subscribers to your offers & lead pages

Works for any niche & any platform!

Complete Daily Income Solution

See how we’re monetizing this unlimited traffic for daily commissions

The ultimate beginner-friendly way to start cashing in online!

DFY Traffic-Driving Templates

Traffic made copy-paste easy!

These DFY templates are your shortcut to results … no tech skills needed

Benefit 4 Title

Just copy what we show you
to get traffic like we do.

These step-by-step videos are almost like having us do it FOR you!

Everything You Need

For Success

We’re showing you behind-the-scenes of the easiest money we’ve ever made online.

INCLUDING the exact done-for-you campaigns we used … that you have access to inside!

Everything you need to duplicate our results is included in this never-before-shared case study.

Traffic That Works

So You Don’t Have To

Plug This Universal Traffic Source Into Any Platform




Max Bounty

JV Zoo

… and anywhere else you want including your own sites,
lead pages, funnels & more!

Your Search Is Over For

Bulletproof Traffic Proven To Deliver FAST

In ANY Niche

On ANY Platform

With ANY Method

For ANY offer

One Source & One System For All Your Traffic Needs … FOREVER

Even More Users
Thrilled With Their Results From Copy Paste Profit


Copy-Paste Profit is the perfect takeaway for 6 methods of wealth-making strategy from CPA networks, leads, campaigns, Ads, and landing pages.

I enjoyed the complete training that explained each and every topic by Lukasz.

Sai Krishna


"Hi everyone, it's Simon JiveNation here - I've spent a few days learning the amazing techniques inside "Copy-Paste-Profit'' and I am really impressed by the level of expertise of the creators, and how easy it is to follow step by step.

I am already half way through the implementation and can see the fantastic logic of the techniques falling into place. The best part is that these two creators are so experienced, their lessons are actually really simple, clear and easy to follow. Grab this and enjoy!"

Simon JiveNation Borland


“I really loved Copy-Paste-Profit. It’s a very well thought out and simple course, made for newbies that want to get some good income online. I’ve personally used this method before and it works like a charm…it won’t even take much of your time. So if you implement it, you’ll be happy with the results” - Cynthia Benitez

Cynthia Benitez

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This insider hack practically forces targeted traffic straight to your page whenever you post.

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Joseph Gomes

Lukasz Pacholec

Fergal Downes

Marc Gray